Functional & Efficient Kitchen Design

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Designing and building your dream kitchen is about more than just building some that looks great.  It is also important that the design of the kitchen is setup in such way so that it creates functional and effective movement during our everyday kitchen tasks.

Traditionally kitchen design was based around the work triangle.  The idea was that kitchen’s three main work areas should form a triangle.  The three areas were the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove, with the theory being if the triangle shape were held, it would lead to effective movement during everyday kitchen tasks.  While the triangle shape is still very popular when it comes to kitchen design, it only considers the movement between the three areas, and not important elements of kitchen design such as better storage, convenience, and good ergonomics. 

When applying the principles of Blum Dynamic Space when it comes to functional kitchen design, each kitchen is divided into zones or work areas.






Once the zones are established, then you can talk about the kitchen shape, and how each zone would work depending on the design.

As you can see, each zone or work area is organized into one area.  This helps make the kitchen tasks a lot more functional and organized as it eliminates unnecessary movement. 

Another important principle of Blum Dynamic Space is ergonomic design.  This includes using full extension drawers instead of doors & shelves for base cabinets and lift systems for upper cabinets that give unrestricted access to the contents of the cabinet while the doors are open.

Other notable improvements include maximizing each drawer depth, height & width to gain more space.

Once the zones are established and the kitchen shape is decided upon, there are other important design ideas that can be applied, including how to organize your kitchen once everything has been installed.  This will help make everyday tasks more efficient and create a more enjoyable environment for cooking.

These are just some of the basic kitchen design improvements that can help you design the kitchen of your dreams that will not only look great, but also function efficiently.

Click here to download a PDF that outlines some of the design principles.

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