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Designers will work to combine the aesthetic nature of a space together with a clients preference and lifestyle and often times this means that a cabinetry project such as a new kitchen will be designed to work together with a much broader vision. Due to our expertise in not only cabinetry and millwork material specification & manufacturing, but also kitchen flow & efficiency, we are a fantastic option to help designers create beautiful spaces.


Netley Millwork is excited about working with designers and providing them with the cabinetry and millwork for their projects. We have many years of experience helping designers wow their customers by providing high levels of customization and personalization on each and every project we do.

One on One Service

We love to work directly with designers whether it is by sitting down and creating CAD drawings of the cabinetry & millwork, or by going over the material specifications and kitchen layouts together. This involvement and direct communication leads to a much more efficient process and eliminates a lot of the headaches involved with getting all the details right.
Netley Millwork

Quality You Can Trust

Netley Millwork is a family-owned Manitoba company specializing in designing beautiful, custom kitchens and cabinetry for our clients in Winnipeg, and Manitoba. Our personalized care and attention to detail not only helps our customers design their dream kitchens, but provides them with a sense of comfort and security knowing that a community of qualified experts are with them every step of the way.
Who We Are
Netley Millwork

How It Works

1. Personalized Discovery

Every meeting begins with a ‘Discovery’ session in the showroom of our main office location, which allows potential customers to inspect wood species, finishes, and hardware solutions with our design staff.

2. Custom Design

Our design team walks you through the variety of customization options. After performing on-site measurements, we use 3D kitchen design software to offer a streamlined and comprehensive designs.

3. Quotes & Drawings

We source the highest quality materials & hardware and provide highly detailed drawings. Our quotes & drawings are just as high quality and custom as the product we hope to build.

4. Construction

We employ state-of-the-art custom cabinet manufacturing equipment that delivers high-quality products which look great, built to last. We employ strict standards, to ensure quality and consistency.

5. Delivery & Installation

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Our trained installers have years of hands-on experience, and will install each project exactly according to your specifications.
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