Modern Kitchen Cabinets

High Gloss & Super Matte Materials

Stanley Walter Cabinet Materials

High gloss and super-matte cabinet door options have become popular trends in the cabinet industry in recent years, and it is important to understand the differences between the many color and finish options.

 The most popular choice is high gloss acrylic, with colors revolving mainly around gray and bright or soft whites. This is an actual acrylic material with high scratch, heat, and chemical resistance. High quality acrylic options will also not have the ‘orange peel’ shine that is often found with these types of doors. The acrylic sheet is glued onto an MDF substrate and is usually around 0.7 mm to 0.9 mm thick. When combined with our industry leading PUR edgebanding glue, an acrylic cabinet door is very durable, long-lasting and a perfect option for customers looking for a modern take on cabinetry. The increasing popularity of high gloss acrylic in the industry as an option for cabinets has resulted in the availability of new colors ranging from high gloss red, yellow, orange to rich metallic.

The next most popular finish is ultra matte acrylic. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, ultra- matte’s enhanced surface properties will make any space look as good as it feels. The added durability of the scratch and chemical resistance topcoat perfectly balances both beautiful and functional interior design. This is also an actual acrylic sheet, usually 0.7 mm to 0.9 mm thick, glued onto a MDF substrate with a matching back color that perfectly complements the space you are trying to design. With the increasing popularity of ultra-matte, many new material options are constantly becoming available. 

Matte White Kitchen

Polymer has also become a popular choice for cabinet doors in the last few years as a more cost-effective option with many more color possibilities. Available both as a high gloss or ultra matte finish, polymer sheets are usually 0.3 mm thick and are glued on a MDF substrate. Polymer sheets are not as scratch resistant as acrylic, and are more prone to color inconsistencies; therefore, it is important to work with a cabinet manufacturer that uses only high quality polymer sheets. Rather than the traditional baked-on process using glue, our high quality polymer sheets are laminated onto the MDF substrate.  

 The last option is UV lacquered panels.  These are panels are covered in a decorative sheet and then finished with high gloss lacquer that offers 90% gloss levels and have high scratch and heat resistance. Due to the manufacturing process it is possible to get many different wood grain options in this line of panels as well as the standard solid colors.  An excellent choice for store fixtures and commercial applications, these panels are highly durable and long lasting. 

 Netley Millwork has the capability to manufacture kitchens using all these different kinds of panels and is committed to keep many of the common color options in stock. With our industry leading PUR edgebanding process, we can provide our customers with an amazing finish to their kitchen.