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Kitchen Design Basics

Stanley Walter Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is an essential part of the process as you work with our team on your dream kitchen. We offer many specialized services to help our customers navigate through the many different options available not only in kitchen design and layout but also in material and hardware options. Each customer has different kitchen design tastes and preferences, and we have many years of experience to help bring each kitchen design to reality.

Face To Face Meeting

The first part of our process is a personalized discovery session that allows our customers to visit our showroom and manufacturing location, to demonstrate what goes into building each Netley Millwork kitchen. During this visit, our sales staff can sit down and design each kitchen WITH the customer present. We do this by employing state of the art CAD software that allows us to design each kitchen according to the customer’s specific needs, and also to make changes with the customer present. In a single personalized custom design session, our sales staff will help each customer understand the different kitchen layout options. To ensure both our sales staff and the customer are on the same page, we can demonstrate what each cabinet will look like through with 3D rendering software. We can make changes immediately, and then again, when the customer changes his mind. Being able to make quick changes helps our customers understand what they are getting with their kitchen design.

3D Rendering

We offer the ability to do custom high-end 3D rendering layouts using accurate material colors and options to help our customers understand how different choices will work for their kitchen design. Some of these different options include actual paint colors, flooring options, materials, and hardware. Our software can also demonstrate how lighting will affect each of these different options. Changes, again, are instantaneous and help realistically showcase each different design.

Help with Materials & Hardware

There are hundreds of different material and hardware options available, and the customer needs to understand how each wood species or handle option will affect their kitchen layout and design. On top of offering complimentary samples for each material type or hardware option, we have a lot of experience working with different kinds of materials. We can help explain the differences to our customers. Instead of forcing our customers to pick from a particular line of cabinets, we instead help them understand the differences and let them decide on precisely what they want. Understanding the differences is an essential part of the custom cabinet design process and something that truly sets apart us from the competition. Our customers are not restricted in the options available to them when it comes to material or hardware options.

Custom Finishing Samples

Not only do we offer custom finishes of virtually any kind, but we also can provide mock-up samples to showcase the differences in sheen levels, paint colors, or stain options. We can custom match colors precisely according to customer specifications and have the ability to work with the thousands of different paint options from many leading paint suppliers like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

Working with Designers

Often customers will be working with a kitchen designer on their layout. We add to their combination by bringing in the perspective of a kitchen manufacturer. We have successfully helped many customers work with their designers to create the kitchen of their dreams and can help with drawings, layouts, and material or hardware options.

These are some of the different services we offer for kitchen design. At Netley Millwork, we look at each project as a journey, and our job is to help guide our customers as they make their way towards a brand new kitchen. Our knowledge and experience in the industry is a vital part of helping make the journey not only easier but also a pleasure and success.