Kitchen Hardware Options

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What are some of the common kitchen hardware options for a kitchen? Because there are many different kitchen hardware & accessories available, we thought we’d expand a bit on some of our more popular choices. We try to source the highest quality kitchen hardware & accessories available to help our customers design an efficient and functional kitchen that also looks great.  Here are some common kitchen hardware options that work great.

Kessebohmer Comfort 2 Spice Rack Pullout

The Comfort 2 Spice Rack Rollout from Kessebohmer is a great addition to any kitchen.  In our opinion, this is the highest quality spice rack hardware on the market. The opening & closing motion is flawless, and the soft-close hardware is very well built.  Due to the way the frame is built, there is zero binding even after hundreds of opening & closing sequences. There are 3 different widths available, making it easy to incorporate this hardware into your kitchen design.  Our customers love how well the Comfort 2 works. 

Corner Drawer

Designed in house by our custom engineering team, the Corner Drawer system takes the dreaded kitchen corner and turns it into a highly functional space.  Featuring 3 full extension soft-close Blum Movento drawers, each drawer is easily opened and closed and offers a maximum amount of space. We won’t even bother mentioning the commonly used Lazy Susan option since our customers are increasingly switching to the Corner Drawer instead!  

Space Tower

The Blum Space Tower is a new take on a pantry storage system.  Sleek and modern, each individual pullout offers a separate opening, full depth, and access from 3 sides.  The Blum Space Tower is built to accommodate your pantry and can be increased in width as needed. Most other products on the market are either door mounted, which restricts access and motion, specific widths, or they have a maximum depth of 20” which often leaves 4-6” of wasted space in the back of your pantry.  The Blum Space Tower solves this problem and looks and works great while doing it. 3 finish options are available. Stainless Steel, Orion Grey or White.

Utensil & Cutlery Trays

Common options include a standard plastic tray.  Cheap and effective, we custom fit each tray to the width of your drawer.  More expensive wooden options are available as well. These trays are a simple and effective way to organize your cutlery and utensils.    

Knife Block

One of the most popular drawer accessory options, the wooden knife block is custom fit for your drawer and is an effective way to store your knives.  The other option is the Blum Orgaline Knife Block, which can be removed from your drawer and thrown into the dishwasher to clean as needed.  

Blind Corner Hardware

The Kessebohmer Lemans 2 is a great kitchen hardware option for blind corners.  With a smooth opening & closing option, this kitchen hardware option offers great access to items that would otherwise be hard to reach.

Blum Orgaline Kit

The Blum Orgaline Kit set is a great option for your kitchen.  Featuring 5 pieces that add great functionality to your kitchen.  Each piece is part of the kit or can be ordered separately which makes it really easy to add additional piece as needed to fit your drawers.  

Film Dispenser

Foil Dispenser

Knife Holder

Plate Holder

Spice Holder